About Us

The Global Gas Innovation Roundtable is an initiative of CGA Enterprises operated and maintained by Minoils Media Ltd (Natural Gas World).

The natural gas industry will continue to play its foundational role in the global energy mix for decades to come, offering clean, reliable and affordable energy for global citizens.

However, the ability of the industry to demonstrate and communicate the value of natural gas and its infrastructure - against the backdrop of a groundswell of anxiety about climate change, environmental concerns, economic well-being, and political risks - will determine the extent of its continuing success.

Key to the effort by the industry is a focus on innovation.  The Global Gas Innovation Roundtable is being developed with a view to becoming the authoritative, credible and fact-based international platform to demonstrate the innovation agenda around gas energy – and gas energy infrastructure.



Managing Director - Menelaos (Mel) Ydreos 

Director - João Salviano Carmo

Back Office Manager - Lili  Jenei 

Editor in Chief - Joseph Murphy


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