Ante Creek area last in ARC portfolio to receive certification. [Image credit: ARC Resources]

By Dale Lunan

Canadian Montney producer ARC Resources said February 10 it had achieved certification under Equitable Origin’s EO100™ standard for its Ante Creek production in BC.

Seven Generations Energy, acquired by ARC in 2021, was a Canadian pioneer in certifying production under the Equitable Origin standard. Certification of the Ante Creek production – about 64mn ft3/day in 2022 – now means ARC’s total natural gas production of 1.26bn ft3/day is certified as responsible gas.

Alongside the certification of its producing assets, ARC is a North American leader in reducing emissions intensity at its assets, and will maintain that this year as it invests C$16mn to continue the electrification of its Dawson Creek phase III and IV facilities, which together process about 180mn ft3/day of Montney natural gas.

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