The Italian logistics company plans to power its fleet of heavy vehicles with bio-LNG. [Image: Arcese]

By Shardul Sharma

Logistics firm Arcese Group on December 14 said it will source bio-LNG from Edison Energia, a subsidiary of gas and power utility Edison Group, to fuel its heavy goods vehicle fleet.

With 59 LNG-powered vehicles currently in operation, this collaboration will transition them to utilise bio-LNG, a low-emission gas derived from agricultural or organic waste through anaerobic digestion.

“Bio-LNG is a key component of the energy transition and decarbonisation path for the transport sector,” said Emanuele Arcese, global vice president at Arcese. “Its impact in terms of reducing emissions is notable, particularly in the road transport sector, which by its nature struggles to be environmentally sustainable.”

“A combination of long-haul intermodal transport combined with the use of bio-LNG for the first or last mile, for express and short-haul services, will enable us to further reduce our impact in terms of emissions by providing even more eco-friendly solutions. From this combined perspective, we are undoubtedly among the leaders in Europe,” he added.

Arcese envisions a combination of long-haul intermodal transport and bio-LNG for first or last-mile operations, enhancing eco-friendly solutions and positioning the company as a leader in Europe. The collaboration supports the broader goal of achieving a more sustainable and environmentally conscious logistics operation.

Edison Energia has been collecting and selling biomethane for transport purposes in Italy since 2018. In 2023, biomethane volumes distributed in Italy surpassed 100mn m3. Additionally, the company has initiated the collection and sale of bio-LNG for heavy goods transport since 2022, produced by three plants with a combined annual capacity exceeding 4,000 tonnes.


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