The biogas produced will be injected into the national grid.

By Shardul Sharma

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), through its bioenergy fund, has partnered with Atlas Renewables and Energex Partners to develop biogas plants across Ireland, primarily using manure as feedstock, it announced on June 12.

CIP’s CI Advanced Bioenergy Fund I (CI ABF I) and its partners have established Greengate Biogas, a joint venture aimed at developing, constructing, and operating manure-fuelled biogas plants. Greengate Biogas combines CI ABF I's experience in large-scale biomethane plant development across Europe with the local expertise of Atlas Renewables and Energex Partners in bioenergy and agricultural practices in Ireland.

Once fully operational, Greengate Biogas is expected to produce nearly 1.8 TWh/year of biomethane through multiple projects. This output will meet approximately 3.5% of Ireland’s current natural gas demand and 30% of the country's 2030 biomethane target, as outlined in Ireland's recently published biomethane strategy, CIF said.

The biogas produced will be injected into the national grid, and organic fertilisers will be recirculated to farmers, contributing to Ireland's circular economy and green transition. The primary feedstock for these biogas plants will be manure, sourced in collaboration with over 2,000 livestock farmers nationwide. By implementing anaerobic digestion for manure management, Greengate Biogas aims to reduce emissions from the agricultural sector and address nitrate challenges.

Last month, CIP also signed an agreement with KK Invest and DBC Invest to acquire a majority stake in the Sindal Biogas plant in Denmark, further expanding its biogas portfolio.

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