Engie New Ventures and GTT Strategic Ventures have participated in a €4mn financing round.

By Shardul Sharma

Engie New Ventures and GTT Strategic Ventures on May 21 announced their participation in a €4mn ($4.34mn) financing round for CryoCollect, a cleantech startup focused on biogas CO2.

Founded in 2017, Paris-based CryoCollect specialises in developing technologies for gas treatment, purification, and liquefaction, particularly for capturing CO2 from biogas.

CryoCollect has pioneered methods to capture, purify, and liquefy carbon dioxide from the off-gas produced during anaerobic digestion (biogas). This process results in the production of liquid biogenic CO2, a form of carbon dioxide that is part of the natural short carbon lifecycle. This pure biogenic CO2 can replace fossil CO2 in industrial applications that require CO2, such as the food and beverage industry or the production of synthetic fuels.

In addition to biogas CO2 capture, CryoCollect leverages its expertise in gas treatment and liquefaction to support other aspects of the energy transition. These include industrial and onboard CO2 capture, re-liquefaction of CH4 boil-off, and BioLNG liquefaction for transporting biomethane and using it as a sustainable fuel.

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