This market consultation will not only look at LNG but also explore ways to bring about a future where hydrogen and carbon capture and storage play key roles, Vopak said. [Image: Vopak]

By Shardul Sharma

Gasunie and Vopak have initiated a market consultation on possibilities for LNG, hydrogen, and CO2 at EemsEnergyTerminal in Eemshaven, the Netherlands, Vopak announced on June 24.

In partnership with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Gasunie and Vopak are exploring options to utilise the EemsEnergyTerminal for longer than initially planned at the port of Eemshaven. "This market consultation will not only look at LNG but also explore ways to bring about a future, rapid transition to a more sustainable energy system, where hydrogen and carbon capture and storage play key roles," the company said. 

Following the loss of Russian gas and the end of gas extraction from the Groningen gas field, the security of energy supply for the Netherlands and its neighbouring countries has changed drastically. Currently, roughly 75% of the Netherlands' gas needs are met by imports. As LNG imports are expected to continue to be needed over the coming years, the LNG terminal is set to play a key role in the transition to renewable energy, Vopak said.

The partners are also making plans for further hydrogen development at the Eemshaven site and exploring options for carbon capture and transport in line with the transition to a more sustainable energy system.

The consultation is intended to gauge market interest in importing LNG through EemsEnergyTerminal beyond 2027, as well as to understand the conditions market parties would set. It will also review permit regulations and the required technical aspects. The results of the consultation may lead to an 'open season' where the required capacity is offered to the market in a transparent manner.

Operational since September 2022, EemsEnergyTerminal was initially contracted for a period of five years, until September 2027. Located at the port of Eemshaven in the far north of the Netherlands, this LNG import terminal was developed by Gasunie to increase the security of gas supply and reduce dependence on Russian gas.

In December 2023, Vopak became a co-shareholder in EemsEnergyTerminal, with Gasunie and Vopak each holding a 50% stake. The terminal enables the import of 8bn m³/year of LNG, which covers around 25% of the Netherlands' total annual gas demand. Work is currently underway to gradually increase the terminal's capacity to roughly 10bn m³/year.

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