ROTA-CAP technology will be tested at a US Steel facility in Pennsylvania. [Image credit: GTI Energy]

By Dale Lunan

US technology developer GTI Energy said January 11 it had been selected for funding from the US Department of Energy (DoE) for a demonstration project of its ROTA-CAP™ carbon capture technology at US Steel’s Edgar Thomson facility in Pennsylvania.

The project will assess the readiness of the ROTA-CAP™ technology for commercial scale-up and widescale deployment. ROTA-CAP™ is GTI Energy’s modular, scalable, integrated industrial carbon capture system that uses novel approaches to intensify the carbon capture process, reducing the size and cost compared to current processes.

The technology is suitable for power plant and industrial carbon capture applications, can achieve greater than 95% capture for a wide range of flue gases, and can reduce CO2 capture costs by 30% compared to conventional process approaches, GTI says.

“GTI Energy is not merely testing innovative carbon management solutions, we are demonstrating their real-world viability and economic potential,” said Don Stevenson, GTI Energy’s vice president of Carbon Management & Conversion. “This partnership will showcase the power of collaboration and innovation in tackling the complex challenge of transitioning to cleaner energy systems.” 

The ROTA-CAP™ technology has undergone more than 1,600 hours of system-level, proof-of-concept and performance validation testing at the National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama. The unit to be installed at Edgar Thomson is designed to capture about three tonnes/day of CO2.

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