The project has reached a consistent production rate of nearly 15 tonnes/day of compressed biogas. [Image: EverEnviro]

By Shardul Sharma

Indian compressed biogas (CBG) producer EverEnviro Resource Management on April 15 announced that its Indore CBG plant in the state of Madhya Pradesh has achieved full operational capacity.

The plant, commissioned in 2022 through a public-private partnership with the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC), processes municipal solid waste to generate clean-burning CBG. The project has reached a consistent production rate of nearly 15 tonnes/day of CBG, with a high of 18 tonnes/day achieved last month.

The plant is designed to handle 550 tonnes/day of organic waste. As per the agreement, the Indore Municipal Corporation is a key off-taker, committed to purchasing at least 50% of the plant's CBG output. Additionally, a pipeline connection to Avantika Gas, a city gas distribution company, facilitates wider distribution of the clean fuel.

EverEnviro said that the daily processing of segregated organic waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 70,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually. Over the next two decades, the project is expected to prevent the accumulation of over 4mn tonnes of waste.

“The impact of this CBG plant extends beyond Indore, contributing to both the community and the nation at large,” said EverEnviro CEO Mahesh Girdhar.

Currently, EverEnviro is actively working on about 20 CBG projects in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Punjab.

India last year announced a phased mandatory blending of CBG in CNG and domestic piped natural gas (PNG) segments starting the fiscal year 2025-26. This move is aimed at reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels, promoting sustainable energy sources, and achieving net zero emission goals.

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