It has supplied over 1,000 tonnes of CBG to the city gas company AGP City Gas, a subsidiary of Singapore’s AG&P, during the January-May period.

By Shardul Sharma

Renewable energy company Leafiniti Bioenergy, a unit of Bangalore-based TruAlt Bioenergy, has supplied over 1,000 tonnes of compressed biogas (CBG) to the city gas company AGP City Gas, a subsidiary of Singapore’s AG&P, during the January-May period, TruAlt announced on June 13. This volume marks a record for the most CBG supplied to AG&P over a five-month period.

Leafiniti has also entered into a non-binding term sheet with state-owned Gail to establish 10 new CBG plants, entailing an investment of approximately 6bn rupees ($72mn).

CBG is a vital component of India's renewable energy portfolio. Produced from agricultural residue, manure, and other organic residues, CBG serves as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting a circular economy. The Indian government has been actively promoting CBG through various initiatives, including the Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) scheme, which aims to establish a CBG ecosystem in the country.

India last year announced a phased mandatory blending of CBG in CNG and domestic piped natural gas (PNG) segments starting the fiscal year 2025-26. This move is aimed at reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels, promoting sustainable energy sources, and achieving net zero emission goals. 

AG&P City Gas is developing 12 city gas distribution (CGD) networks in India under the brand name AG&P Pratham. In its 12 concessions, AG&P is responsible for developing and operating CNG stations for vehicles, PNG to homes, and the distribution of LNG to industrial and commercial customers. AG&P Pratham has also taken steps towards enhancing and adopting CBG in CNG for transport and in PNG for the domestic segment.

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