K Line and TES will explore the potential of using e-methane produced by TES as a marine fuel.

By Shardul Sharma

Japanese shipping company K Line and Europe-based Tree Energy Solutions (TES) announced on June 12 a joint study on e-methane to help lead the maritime sector towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

The two companies have been in discussions about an e-methane partnership, focusing on building a value chain to promote the use of cleaner fuels in marine transport. Through this study, K Line and TES will explore the potential of using e-methane produced by TES as marine fuel. They will also examine system design and cooperate on technical aspects regarding the management and operation of e-methane and liquefied CO2 carriers for the future transportation of e-methane and CO2 as a raw material.

In addition, the study will cover systems related to low-carbon and carbon-free fuels, carbon intensity, and the calculation and certification of CO2 amounts.

TES is developing a global portfolio of e-methane production and import projects. E-methane, a green molecule obtained by combining green hydrogen with biogenic or recycled CO2, is seen as a key component in decarbonising the maritime transport sector. Meanwhile, K Line is progressing towards its 2030 interim milestones, which include transitioning its vessels to cleaner fuels such as hydrogen and e-methane.

Last year, TES entered into a partnership with another Japanese company, Tokyo Gas. TES and Tokyo Gas will work together to raise awareness of e-methane globally, encourage the institutional design of an international CO2 emissions counting system for e-methane and other fuels that contribute to carbon neutrality, and establish an international supply chain for e-methane.


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