Anodyne Chemistries technology uses enzymes to convert carbon to useful chemical compounds. [Image: NGIF]

By Dale Lunan

NGIF Industry Grants, a division of NGIF Capital, said June 7 it would provide C$122,000 in grant funding to Vancouver-based start-up Anodyne Chemistries to accelerate the advancement of its bio-inspired carbon utilisation platform.

Anodyne’s proprietary technology transforms CO2 and natural gas into products previously produced from higher-emitting fossil fuels, resulting in reduced emissions.

The technology harnesses enzymes for carbon utilisation and turns emissions into low-carbon fuels and specialty chemicals through a bio-electric process that harnesses renewable electricity to replace high-temperature, carbon-intensive processes. There are no harmful by-products that require downstream clean-up and processing like conventional processes.

“What I like about Anodyne’s clean technology is its low-energy and low-emissions solution to convert industrial emissions into chemical products using natural-based enzymes, electrolysis, and engineering,” NGIF Capital president John Adams said. 

Anodyne’s technology is in the prototype testing phase and scaling up 500 times from its original proof of concept. Its long-term goal is to build a multi-pilot plant to demonstrate the technology’s ability to generate numerous chemical compounds from CO2.  

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