The cruise ferry, Rusadir, operates on the Malaga – Melilla route. [Image: Balearia]

By Shardul Sharma

Spanish ferry operator Balearia has acquired an LNG dual-fuel ferry, the company said on December 22 in a statement.

The cruise ferry, Rusadir, which has dual natural gas engines and an electric propulsion system, has been chartered since March and operates on the Malaga – Melilla route.

This is the eleventh vessel in Balearia's fleet to utilise this technology. The cruise ferry has a capacity for 1,670 passengers, accommodates up to 2,600 linear meters of cargo, and provides various services, including cabins, cafes, a restaurant, a shop, a children's area, a cinema room, a prayer room, a terrace, and multiple lounge areas.

The Rusadir’s engine can alternate between fuel and natural gas consumption, contributing to the shipping company's transition towards decarbonisation. Furthermore, they are capable of operating with renewable sources that are neutral in CO2 emissions, the company added.


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