Canadian Gas Association will receive funding from federal government for awareness program.


The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) said July 28 it had received C$212,000 in funding from Natural Resources Canada for support on a project to improve awareness of the potential for renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen (H2) to meet Canadian energy needs. 

Canada’s core gas energy offering – natural gas – continues to be the country’s most affordable and reliable energy choice, meeting 38% of Canada’s energy needs with an ever-improving environmental performance record. Partially funded by NRCan, the project “Improving Awareness: A Foundation for Renewable Natural Gas and hydrogen in Canada” is aimed at identifying how RNG and H2 – two emerging gas energy options – can add to that core gas energy value proposition.

CGA members have been developing projects across Canada using RNG and H2 for many years. The CGA developed guidance documentation for the adoption of RNG into energy systems over a decade ago, and many Canadians use RNG today.

On H2, a series of innovative projects are underway in the industry, and the CGA co-chairs two of the working groups making up the government of Canada’s “Hydrogen Strategy for Canada” (the Natural Gas Working Group, and the Infrastructure Working Group) and sits on the Strategic Steering Committee.

Under the co-funded project, CGA and its members will partner with QUEST Canada to conduct stakeholder interviews to understand industry and commercial user needs and in turn develop tailored informational content such as factsheets, infographics, and videos around RNG and H2. Further, the project will include a series of workshops, webinars, and other activities aimed at ensuring a full understanding of what these gas energy options represent.

“Hydrogen and RNG are two more options in the gas energy mix that is so critical to Canada’s well-being. Gas energy is the fastest growing, the most reliable and the most affordable source of energy for Canadians,” CGA CEO Timothy Egan said. “The gas energy industry is committed to constant innovation in how it delivers in order to constantly improve on that value proposition, all while continuing to improve environmental performance. Our work with NRCan on RNG and H2 is part of that commitment.” 

Federal funding for the project is provided by Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Fuels Awareness funding opportunity, which provides support to projects that increase knowledge and understanding of the opportunities, benefits, and considerations related to adopting clean fuels in industrial and commercial operations, and for consumers.

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