The company has developed these plants for South Jersey Industries. [Image: EnviTec Biogas]

By Shardul Sharma

EnviTec Biogas USA, a subsidiary of Germany's EnviTec Biogas, has planned, designed, and constructed two biogas plants over the past 18 months in Cassville, New York and Ellington, Connecticut, EnviTec said on May 14. These plants were commissioned for South Jersey Industries (SJI). 

EnviTec Biogas provided various solutions to SJI, including fermenter technology, internal and external heating systems, digester covers, pumps, raw gas treatment, O2 generation, and EnviThan gas upgrading systems. Additionally, EnviTec delivered electrical control cabinets (both software and hardware) for the anaerobic digestion (AD) and gas upgrading systems, ensuring seamless operation and control.

Both plants utilise 100% dairy manure as feedstock and supply the produced biomethane directly to natural gas grids. The gas is transported via trailers to the respective feed-in points.

The Cassville facility produces 135 ft3/minute of renewable natural gas (RNG), while the Ellington plant produces 150 ft3/minute. EnviTec Biogas not only provided the technological infrastructure but also offers ongoing biological and technical support services.

With its entry into the US market, EnviTec Biogas has successfully commissioned eight biogas / RNG projects with four connected to the natural gas grid. Eleven additional projects, which EnviTec Biogas is implementing for its customer SJI Renewable Energy Ventures, will be connected to the grid beginning in the next few weeks and continuing throughout 2024. At buildout the platform will produce a total of more than 5,300 ft3/min of RNG. 

In March, EnviTec said it is undertaking its largest investment programme to date, with a budget of €100mn ($108.3mn). 

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