It had surpassed 70mn miles (about 112mn km) utilising CNG/RNG vehicles. [Image: PTI]

By Shardul Sharma

Paper Transport (PTI), a Wisconsin-based logistics company, announced on April 17 that it had surpassed 70mn miles (about 112mn km) utilising compressed and renewable natural gas (CNG/RNG) vehicles. 

For one of its large consumer products manufacturers, PTI combined intermodal with asset-backed RNG trucks for drayage, removing 2,419 tonnes of greenhouse gases from supply chains, it said.

Looking ahead, PTI has set targets to further advance its natural gas fleet. By the end of 2024, the company aims to cover 74mn miles using natural gas vehicles, thereby saving an estimated 725,540 gallons of diesel fuel. Additionally, PTI is implementing driver incentive programmes focused on efficient driving and fuel conservation, with the goal of saving an additional 114,285 gallons of fuel consumption annually through improved efficiency measures.

“Shippers can collaborate with carriers like PTI to adopt RNG as an alternate fuel, leveraging existing technology and infrastructure. Natural gas applications are economically viable today and can effectively replace diesel fuel in longer-range scenarios without sacrificing payload capacity,” said Jared Stedl, COO, PTI. 

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