The biomethane will be produced at the BioRed Lorca plant located in the Murcia region of Spain.

By Shardul Sharma

Redexis Renovables, a subsidiary of Spain's Redexis Group dedicated to renewable gas production, has finalised its inaugural contract with Pavilion Energy of Singapore for the sale of biomethane, the companies said on May 14.

The biomethane, to be produced at the BioRed Lorca plant located in the Murcia region, will be accompanied by sustainability certificates and guarantees of origin, affirming its renewable nature and reduced emissions. This marks the first contract for the sale of renewable gas from one of Redexis Renovables' production facilities.

Pavilion Energy, a prominent player in the natural gas and LNG sector with a strong presence in major European and Asian markets, has emerged as a leading marketer of biomethane and renewable gases. With a focus on promoting renewable energy transition, Pavilion Energy holds the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), enabling the marketing and supply of biomethane across Europe.

“The signing of our first biomethane sales contract marks a very important step in advancing our strategy and our continuous efforts to promote the use of this renewable gas,” Miguel Mayrata, director of Redexis Renovables, commented.

Jose Simon, managing director of Pavilion Energy in Europe, stated: "At Pavilion Energy, we support the development of biomethane in the Spanish market as an essential element of our energy mix. At the same time, we see our efforts accelerating Spain’s progress on this front to keep pace with other European nations. To this end, we are pleased to be partnering leading biomethane developer Redexis Renovables on this journey.”

Redexis Renovables aims to establish over 30 biomethane plants by 2030, representing an investment exceeding 400mn ($431mn). This initiative will enable the injection of 2 TWh/year of biomethane into the gas network, resulting in significant reductions of over 260,000 tonnes/year of CO2 equivalent emissions.

Pavilion Energy currently manages a contract volume of 200 GWh/year in its biomethane portfolio and aims to expand this to 1 TWh/year, solidifying its position as the premier marketer of biomethane in the Spanish market.

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